New Middleton Baptist Church
Thursday, January 17, 2019
Sharing God's Word - Showing God's Love



Everyone gets discouraged and down sometimes in their life time. You might be discouraged right now as you are reading this,
but I ask you to truly take a moment and look at this picture. We all know the story and how the sea parted for all those
children of God. Now let’s think about who we are, as Christians we are children of God through the blood of Jesus Christ.
So what! You might think, So if we are his kids he is going to look out for us, and where Moses and the other Israelites might
have looked and saw no way out. God saw how he could Glorify himself and show his people how powerful he really was and is. 
So you might look at your life and see a dead end but let God take control and you might just see that God has a plan and
a way out.

Youth  Pictures

2012 Christmas Party